Information Regarding EMO Insurance/USHJA 3’3” Jumping Seat Medal Finals

This message is sent on behalf of USHJA

Congratulations on qualifying for the EMO Insurance/USHJA 3’3” Jumping Seat Medal Finals – West!   Exhibitors competing on the West Coast must have earned 10 or more points during the qualifying period August 2, 2020- August 1, 2021.

Here’s some important information regarding the Finals:

  • Please take a moment to review the specifications and familiarize yourself with the rules.
  • Trainers/Coaches are permitted to ride and school competitors horses.
  • Trainers/Coaches are permitted to walk Phases 2-3 with the competitors.
  • In the Gymnastics and Jumping phases, only running martingales used in the conventional manner are allowed.
  • A work off is required for all riders within three (3) points of the leader following the completion of Phase 3. The work off will consist of a shortened course with a tight time allowed. Scores will not be announced for this phase. Ties will be broken by the score from Phase 3 (Jumping Phase).

If you have any questions please feel free to email Melanie at mmader@ushja.org or via phone (859) 225-6722