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Nestled in the heart of a Southern California town, surrounded by rolling hills, scenic riding trails, and a legacy of diverse equestrian cultures, stands a haven where tradition meets triumph. This public park seamlessly blends the equestrian richness of the past with the vibrancy of the present and invites visitors to experience something truly special.

The Riding Park, thrives on Blenheim EquiSports’ equestrian legacy and welcomes diverse contributions
for public facility enhancements and park beautification through the Riding Park Foundation. Concurrently, Blenheim EquiSports’ seasonal sponsorships elevate horse jumping shows, offering increased prize money, higher-rated events, and attracting elite and emerging riders to the West Coast. Park Place Foundation supports children through equine connections, offering sponsorship avenues and learning programs for a new generation of young equestrian enthusiasts. Together, these organizations enhance the Riding Park experience, resonating with a passionate audience.


NAMING RIGHTS | Through the Riding Park Foundation
An exclusive opportunity to name a Riding Park venue, facility, or community space through the Riding Park Foundation. This unique gift supports key Initiatives to improve amenities and beautify park grounds.

  • Provides unparalleled name visibility and goodwill in the community
  • Long-term association with improvements to the Riding Park
  • Local, national, and/or global media visibility

TITLE SPONSORSHIP | Through Blenheim EquiSports
The highest sponsorship opportunity. Your brand takes center stage in the event title, becoming a key identifier for the entire 2024 Season.

  • Event-wide recognition for 2024 Season
  • Integral part of the Season’s identity
  • Local, national, and/or global media visibility
  • First right of refusal for future commitment

PRESENTING SPONSOR | Through Blenheim EquiSports
A prominent sponsorship featuring your brand as a presenting sponsor, gaining widespread visibility throughout the event.

  • Broad event association
  • High visibility across promotions
  • Local, national, and/or global media visibility


  • Sponsor specific jumping classes or divisions, teams or individual riders showcasing your brand during targeted competitions.
  • Targeted exposure
  • Association with specific competition aspects

Numerous additional and custom sponsorship opportunities are available. 

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