Series to be comprised of 9 events to be held throughout the Blenheim EquiSports 2024 Horse Show Season, April 3 – September 22, 2024; providing horses and riders the opportunity to compete regularly in $15,000 – $20,000 Open & FEI sanctioned Jumper events featuring various formats.  At the conclusion of the series, the Leading Lady and Leading Gentleman will be presented with cash bonuses and additional prizes.



Entry Fee: varies, depending on prize money offered; $50.00 of each Entry Fee to be added back to Leading Rider Cash Bonus Awards; (50% to the Leading Lady Rider of the Series; 50% to the Leading Gentleman Rider of the Series after the conclusion of the final classic)

Format:  Varies between Table 2.1, Table II, Sec. 2(b) or Table II, Sec. 2(a), FEI Article 238.2.2 (One Round & Jump Off).

Order of Go:  Drawn.

Time Allowed: 350 meters per minute.

Fences: 1.35m – 1.40m, depending on schedule

Eligibility: Open to all horses and riders; Riders may ride more than one horse.

Awards:  Trophy to First Place; Ribbons to Tenth or Twelfth Place, depending on format.

Prize Money:  30%, 22%, 15%, 10%, 7%, 6%, 5%, 5% or as per the FEI Schedule

Leading Rider Bonus Awards:  $50 of each Classic entry, including the final classic, will be added to the Leading Rider Bonus Cash Prize Fund, and will be divided out 50%/50% to the Leading Lady and Leading Gentleman of the series.  Riders will receive points per classic based on their top-placing horse only.  Points in the classic will be awarded based on the number of entries who compete in each classic.  First place will be awarded one more point than the number of entries in the class, second place will be awarded one less point than the number of entries in the class, third place one less than second place, fourth place one less than third, etc.  Riders may compete on any horse. 


  1. $15,000 1.40m Open Jumper Classic – Blenheim Spring Classic I, CSI2*
  2. $15,000 1.40m FEI Jump Off Classic – Blenheim Spring Classic II, CSI3*
  3. $15,000 1.40m FEI Jump Off Classic – San Juan Capistrano International, CSI3*
  4. $20,000 1.40m Open Welcome Speed Stake – Blenheim Surf & Turf Classic
  5. $20,000 1.35m Open Jumper Classic – Blenheim June Classic
  6. $15,000 1.35m Open Welcome Speed Stake – Blenheim Summer Festival
  7. $15,000 1.35m Open Welcome Classic – Blenheim Racing Festival
  8. $15,000 1.35m Open Welcome Speed Stake – Blenheim Fall Tournament
  9. $20,000 1.40m Open Jumper Classic – International Jumping Festival++

++ – Leading Lady & Leading Gentleman Rider Bonus Cash Awards to be presented.

Cassio Rivetti
Cassio Rivetti

Photos by McCool Photography