Aug 11, 2019 | Show Stories

Jason McArdle and Cabacento, owned by Fairbanks Valley Farm, LLC

(PC Captured Moment Photography)

At only six-years old, Cabacento is already a silver fox! This beautiful dapple grey stallion, owned by Fairbanks Valley Farm, LLC is a relatively new mount for experienced Young Jumper rider, Jason McArdle. 

Over the years McArdle and Fairbanks Valley Farm, LLC have taken advantage of the discounted rates and complimentary entry fees for the Blenheim Young Jumper divisions. McArdle has successfully graduated multiple talented jumpers from the Young Jumper classes into the Grand Prix classes and Cabacento promises to be another. 

Cabacento’s first stateside classes were at the very end of 2018, and this year he’s made his debut in the six-year old Young Jumper division. With top ribbons and great miles under his young belt, Cabacento is well on his #PathwayToSuccess. 

In his Young Jumper Profile below, McArdle shares why Cabacento is a #YoungJumperStar!

Cabacento does not know how to take a bad picture…



What is his breeding? Where were they bred/who bred them?

Cabachon x Cento x Sandro : Born in Germany , Breeder ; Gestut Lewitz stud ( Paul Schockemohle )

How long have you been riding him?

I’ve only been riding him for this past year. 

If he were a celebrity, who would they be and why?

He would definitely be George Clooney. Not only is he a silver fox, but he’s also talented. On his way to a successful future. 

Would he/she rather eat or compete?

Compete for certain.

If he were a car, what would they be and why?

He would be a really nice 350/450 truck – because he is masculine , has all the bells and whistles , can be a bit bouncy but also has all the power to pull the heavy loads.

What are his goals in life?

As far as his good looks, talent and rider can take him.

Jason McArdle and Cabacento clearing the Voltaire oxer with room to spare!
(PC Captured Moment Photography)