Important Information Regarding USHJA 3’3” Hunter Seat Medal Finals – West

This message is sent on behalf of USHJA

Congratulations on qualifying for the USHJA 3’3” Hunter Seat Medal Finals – West!   Riders who earned 5 or more points in a 3’3” Hunter Seat Medal class and have not competed in a National 3’6” Medal Final during the qualifying period August 2, 2020-August 1, 2021.

Please take the time to review this important information about the USHJA 3’3” Hunter Seat Medal Finals:

  • Please take a moment to review the specifications to understand the class procedure and rules.
  • Trainers/Coaches are allowed to ride and school competitors horses.
  • Trainers/Coaches are allowed to walk the course with the riders
  • The top 25 riders from the first round will return for a second round in reverse order of their scores from the first round. Round 2 scores will not be announced.
  • A minimum of the top 4 riders will be called back after the second round for additional testing.  (USEF tests 1-17)
    • Trainer assistance is allowed prior to the testing phase.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Melanie at mmader@ushja.org or (859) 225-6722